4th of July

I had to work this 4th of July but it didn't stop me from joining in on some festivities! AKA sparklers and fireworks. Before we headed downtown, Zach and I had some fun with some sparklers I bought in Dublin and the American Flag!

Zach being an awesome hand model for me.

just hanging out by a flag

Zach was sadly too tall for where we hung the flag and just covered the whole thing haha. He did a great job of snapping some photos of me though plus I think he enjoyed not being in front of the camera a little bit.


After awhile we ended up heading to downtown San Jose to enjoy the 100th anniversay firework show. I could not believe how packed it was! Luckily Zach and I only lived a few blocks away from the park but there was so much traffic! We got a great spot thanks to Alyce and Christian and saw a pretty awesome shot.

I had so much fun capturing the fireworks for the first time!


After the firework show we went on a hunt for food and ended at Victoria's where we had to seriously wait 45 minutes for a burrito everything else was closed but well worth it.  We fell asleep and the next day we hungout.

Hope everyone had a great 4th!