Press and Praise


Kristine is amazing! She captured our wedding day and we absolutely couldn't have asked for a better photographer. We were super picky when it came down to picking someone and we are so happy we picked Kristine. Not only is she amazingly talented, she is also super kind and very easy to work with! Everyone raved about her and her partner Zach! We will continue to keep her as or photographer for all our milestones in life.

- Lauren and Brenden


My partner and I had the privilege to work with Kristine for our wedding day--and we're so glad we did!! Not only did she create beautiful quality photos that my partner and I LOVE, she had made the photography experience during the wedding day so enjoyable! Kristine has an amazing ability to be laid back while also showing incredible attention to detail. Our families were blown away by how quickly she found every last credit card in our pockets and strand of hair that was out of place. My partner and I especially loved the secluded location Kristine found for our first look, which gave us a chance to calm down and take a breather before the ceremony. Just to top all of this, Kristine is just simply a good human being to work with. She's so sweet, chill and at the same time--she really goes above and beyond for things that matter to her. Can you tell that I'm her fan?

- Tiffany and Ben


Huge thank you to Kristine and her partner Zach! We have had a blast working with Kristine! Her work is amazing and in my opinion it's like she's been doing this all her life! She didn't pressure us or force us to do goofy poses and everything about Kristine's work is natural! We love that she uses film and that she does her best to capture natural light! Kristine keeps things professional, but also very fun, she is down to earth and totally connected with us! We are so so happy with all of her work! Thank you for everything!

-Ashley and Jeremy


Kristine was exactly what we wanted! I have a degree in photography, so I thought it would be hard to find a wedding photographer that I would be happy with, but I loved Kristine's portfolio, so I gave her a call to chat. She was personable, charming, and genuinely excited to capture the specialness of individual couples' relationships. When I found out she only shot on film, I was sold. What you get from a photographer that only uses film is an intentional 'shooter.' She is thoughtful. She composes. Then she takes the shot and moves on, instead of taking a zillion photographs and hoping there's a good one. We loved all of our photographs so much! I want to specifically call out our beautiful sunset photographs which were our favorites in the collection. These were Kristine's idea and her suggestion that we just rolled with and we are so happy we did. Hire her. Listen to her. You will have amazing photographs of your special day!

-Jackie and AJ


Kristine is an amazing photographer and her work truly speaks for itself. I fell in love with her style, the natural light and colors in her work are beautiful. You can tell she has a great eye for photography. We initially booked her for our engagement photos and after that experience we knew we wanted her to shoot our wedding as well. Kristine was more than willing to do some (extreme) hiking to get amazing photos for us and she was great at directing us and making us feel comfortable. Kristine and Zach work well as a team and definitely assisted in keeping our wedding day flowing smoothly. We are so thankful for the beautiful photos we got for both our engagement and wedding! It is impossible to pick a favorite and we will cherish them forever. I would recommend Kristine in a heartbeat and I sincerely hope we get to work with her again in the future!

-Brittany and Dan


We hired Kristine for our wedding, and just received our engagement pictures back. To say that we are happy with the results would be an understatement. We are thrilled! She made us look amazing! Kristine has a very sweet nature and made us feel so comfortable, and that really came through in the photos. We took our pictures at Redwood Regional Park, which is a huge place. She went to the location early to find the perfect places in terms of light, and views, which was awesome! She found the most incredible spots. Before I worked with her, I was stressed about every element of the wedding venue, constantly wondering where we would take getting ready pictures, pictures with family, etc. I'm not anymore, because I know Kristine's professional/artistic eye will find the perfect spots! We spent a lot of time researching photographers and going through portfolios, and we are so happy with our choice!

-Marysia and Max


Kristine captured our wedding day beautifully and was a joy to work with. I am glad now looking back to understand that she provided us with a service not just on the day-of our wedding, but spent so much time with us following up after that 8 hours with touching up photos, setting them up on her site to view, and working with me on an album. I have already recommended her to close friends and family.

She met with us in advance to make sure we were a good fit and that we were on the same page about the photos and styles that we wanted. She was accessible and happy to answer our questions and give suggestions about our photo requests and day-of-schedule, which was incredibly helpful. The day-of, she and her partner, Zach, were prompt (they helped get us moving!), present and helpful, but blended in with the day. Although we only had her stay for a portion of the reception, she caught the flow and feel of our entire day beautifully. We absolutely loved the mix of candid and posed photos - we feel like we are re-living the day when we look through them.

-Georgia and Andrew

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